We Believe in People

At Sand Hill Foundation, we believe that a community’s ability to thrive is determined by the combination of equitable opportunity, dedication, and heart. A community dedicated to taking care of its people and its environment, year after year, is a community that will prosper.

Our Mission

Sand Hill Foundation is driven by optimism about the resilience and hopefulness of the human spirit. We fund organizations that support local families as they navigate life’s pathways towards economic stability, health and well-being, higher education, environmental safety, and joy in nature.

Our Values


We all want our children and families to thrive. Our efforts are rooted in a deep belief in the power of compassion. Through care, we build community.


We are committed to helping both proven and promising nonprofits build on their core strengths, innovate, and continuously learn in order to address evolving local needs.


We seek to respond quickly to new and emergent community concerns, recognizing that needs change over time, as do those best suited to meet them.


We uplift the community wisdom, history, and diverse perspectives of the people who call this place home.

Where We Work

Sand Hill Foundation is dedicated to the idea of local giving – funding programs and activities within the geographic region we call home. This is the place we know best. We know its needs and celebrate its successes. Our reach stretches from the Pacific Coast to the San Francisco Bay, from Daly City to Mountain View, with an intentional focus in San Mateo and northern Santa Clara counties.