Holistic support for young people on the Peninsula has been a priority for Sand Hill Foundation since 1995, with over $30 million in funding provided for physical, emotional, and mental health programs for children and families.

Inspired by this history and informed by the growing mental health needs in our community, the foundation launched the Wellness Partnership in 2018. The initiative works to promote timely access to prevention and early intervention programs that are more streamlined, coordinated, and both culturally- and trauma-responsive for young people (ages 11 to 24 years old) in San Mateo and northern Santa Clara counties.

Through both research-based and anecdotal evidence, we know young people in our community are facing increased stressors and expanding feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. In San Mateo County, more than 70% of adolescents reported ongoing feelings of depression, nervousness or emotional stress.

 We believe early action will not only prevent long-term suffering, but also promote the development of positive cognitive, social, and emotional health.

We also believe in the power of collaboration to leverage resources, talent, and intellectual capital to tackle this pressing issue. Responding to mental health needs early and appropriately, requires functioning lines of communication and support reaching across the places young people are. These places and systems our young people turn to have become overwhelmed, fragmented, and under resourced.

The inaugural cohort of partnerships includes more than 30 organizations, ranging from housing services to afterschool mentorship to wrap-around mental health and wellbeing services. Learn more about each group here.

Due to the unforeseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation has shifted the focus of all new grantmaking to support increased access to direct mental health services. We remain squarely focused on young people in need, knowing that the systemic inequities that existed before this crisis are magnified at this time and the risk of trauma and self-harm increases during periods of high stress and fear.

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The Wellness Partnership VisionWe believe if the resources to support prevention and early interventions that reduce risk factors and build protective factors were more coordinated, healing-centered, accessible, and integrated into a variety of youth development engagements, more young people would receive the appropriate level of mental health support when they need it and experience optimal health and wellness.


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Our Logo Inspiration
Constellations represent many bright lights coming together to form a whole. We chose a constellation as inspiration for The Wellness Partnership with this concept in mind. Young people today have many different places and people they look to for guidance. Our hope is to build lasting connections across those support systems, ultimately strengthening our community as a whole.